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Written and performed by Ciarán Mac Gowan with bassist Nicky Scott (Van Morrison and Mary Black). {duration, 3:40}


This Love of Ours - © Ciarán Mac Gowan

You got dreamy eyes I’m dreaming,
I’m drowning, swimming too!
You got breathy sighs I’m listening,
And the trees are listening too!

When you smile the weather breaks,
When you laugh my heart it aches so tenderly,
Let the clouds go rushing by, in the window of your eyes,
For it’s there I realise I’m standing under the same sky,
I see myself inside your eyes, you see yourself inside of mine,
This Love of Ours!

You got hands so soft I’m holding,
Emboldened to reach for you,
You got heart I feel it beating,
I’m needing, none but you,

Even if it starts to rain,
We know love will come again tomorrow,
In the wind the tree will bow, to the Gods that did allow,
For a love such as ours, I’ve loved you minutes, months and hours,
I’ve loved you since the day we met, we love each other no regrets,
This Love of Ours!