1. Call It Mine
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Call It Mine

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Call it Mine! – © Ciarán Mac Gowan.

Drums: Gregg Lindsay,
Bass: Noel Bell,
Guitar: Peter Spratt,
Engineer: Colin Martin.
{duration, 4:05}


Call it Mine! – © Ciarán Mac Gowan.

Don’t want nobody coming ‘round in the middle of the night,
Don’t want nobody coming to mess with my wife,
Don’t want nobody coming here and scarin’ me to death,
Don’t nobody coming here and taking my head.

I’m a mean lovin’ man,
and I like the way I am,
But if I can get it I will keep it,
Anything I keep, I call mine!

And my wife’s in the street and she’s built like a dream,
And the car in the drive it’s a mean machine,
And I know that she loves me though I don’t have a cent,
I spent it all on drink that’s where my money went,

Mean lovin’ man, -

There’s a boy down the street, he’s black as a spade,
He’s got gold in his teeth and he’s wearing’ shades,
And I know he’s my brother ‘cause he goes my bail,
Any time I’m in trouble gets me out of jail,

Mean lovin’ man, -

There’s a boy out back he’s polishing shoes,
He’s got dirt on his fingers he’s got nothing to lose,
And I hear that boy crying in his sleep nighttimes,
And I seen him fighting with a knife in his hands,

Mean lovin’ man, -

There’s a penny in my pocket says that I can’t be bought,
It’s a kind of superstition it’s a penny for my thoughts,
And I surely love my sweetheart when she’s hanging on my arm,
But I won’t spend that penny, that’s a good luck charm.

Mean lovin’ man, -
Mean lovin’ man, - . . .