1. Steppin' Out

Steppin’ Out - © Ciarán Mac Gowan.

Up tempo, steppin' out for a night stroll in Belfast City! Love my home! Don't you?

Recorded with Julian Littman, Gerry McElduff, Mervyn Crawford, Alistair Wallace; Engineered by Colin Martin.


Walking home on a summer’s night,
With the sound of the City in my ears, I’m feeling right,
Ooh-ooh the smell of the Air!,
In Belfast City but it could be anywhere,

I’m Steppin’ Out!
Don’t deny me Steppin’ Out,
You ought to try it, step it out,
Cools your head and soothes your heart,

Sitting alone with weary thoughts in a row,
When your heart is wasted babe, why not just let it go,
Oh-oh, don’t take it to bed,
They say it’s love that hurts but it might be just your head!

So let it out!,
Don’t deny it, step it out,
You ought to try it Steppin’ Out,
Cools your head and soothes your heart!

Saxophone Break - Step Out, Step Out – Walking home on a summer’s night . . .

Step Out, Step Out, Step Out, . . .